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Flis Adult Talent porn Agency provides attractive male and female models of all types interested in working in Adult films a chance to make excellent money and build careers in the industry. Models can be booked for many different kinds of shoots ranging from lingerie and swimsuit to Adult video, Music Videos show casing and photos.

We're the Largest and active adult talent agency in the industry with tit connections with top porn producers and fashion industry connections, we have a strategic partnership with a top Internet companies and an in-house PR company. Talent can make much more money, beyond just bookings for shoots. Our goal is to develop a web presence for our select models and give them the ability to generate high income and make currier doing what they love to do. Additionally, we keep them on top of their game and in the press with interviews, magazine placement and more. Flis Adult Talent Agency is the full package and an exclusive opportunity.

More info about this exclusive opportunity is coming soon, so keep checking back for more details.

If you are interested in becoming a model you can submit you info here or Contact us.

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  • Flis Adult Agency Representation and Fees
    • Thousands of people around the world make a fantastic living out of working in the porn industry. Obviously it is not a career for everyone, but for those who enjoy that lifestyle it can be an immensely rewarding and fulfilling career. In this guide we shall look at what is involved in getting adult talent representation and the fees involved.

  • Why Do You Need Flis Adult Agency Representation?
    • The purpose of Flis adult agency representation is to make your life easier and to maximize your chances of getting in to the porn industry. Flis Adult agencies work on your behalf to find you high paying work in a range of areas that you have specified interest in. Trying to find the work on your own can be incredibly time consuming and producers are less likely to hire a freelance adult talent than one that is agency represented.

  • Fees for getting Flis Adult Agency Representation
    • Adult talent agencies, as well as any type of talent agency, should not charge you a fee for being represented if they are reputable.

      Always be weary of agencies that try and charge you a sign-up fee. If the talent agency thinks you have potential then they do not need to charge you a fee as they make money off of you when they get you work.

      Don't Forget that you are making them money in the same way that they are helping you to make money. If they do try and charge you a fee then get them to explain why a fee is required.